Our Fascia & Soffit Installation Services

Our fascia, soffit, guttering installation service can transform your property, it will protect your roofline from the wet and windy weather in the UK, looks absolutely fantastic once completed and adds value to your property. The uPVC plastics we use are extremely durable & affordable, they won’t crack or discolour over time. It comes in various styles, colours to integrate seamlessly and are very low maintenance a quick wipe over once every few years is or it needs. If your not comfortable climbing a ladder you can use our affordable uPVC plastics cleaning service. We have been doing this for years and really enjoy the finished effect, all our customers have been ecstatic with the results, we get great feedback.

Installation Process;

  • Step 1: Carefully remove any rotten, water damaged plastics, timbers, felt around the roofline
  • Step 2: Replace rotten boards with new more durable timbers
  • Step 3: Install Soffit around the property taking care it’s flush against the brickwork
  • Step 4: Use double stainless steel nails to securely fix the Fascia boards to ensure no rust marks
  • Step 5: Install guttering, downpipe system and fully check the fall to make sure water is flowing perfectly
  • Step 6: Complete clean and removal of any roofline debris surrounding the property

After we carefully remove any old plastics or timber from your roofline we inspect the timber rafters for rot or water damage. If we find any rotten timbers we strip them out and replace with new, no extra cost it’s part of the install process and included in our fixed quotation. All our uPVC work comes with a full 10 year guarantee.

If you have any questions, concerns or unique problems we would love to hear from you, use our contact form here and we will be happy to assist. If you would like a hassle free, no obligation quote for uPVC installation on your property click here to open our quote form