Our Roof Repairs Service

We can sort all types of roofing problems, from minor jobs like tile replacement to larger more complicated work such as complete roof re-builds. We instil just as much effort, pride into the quick simple jobs as we do to our more complex projects. We can repair slate, tile and felt roofs using top quality, low cost materials to keep the price reasonable and the work lasting for years. Don’t ignore that leaky roof get it fixed asap or it to lead to more expensive issues.

Other services include;

  • Leadwork – Replace old lead flashing from around chimneys, windows, dormers, valleys and Velux windows
  • Re-pointing – Refresh cement pointing on chimneys, gable ends, ridge tiles
  • Flat Roofs – Patch up or strip out old felt, board and replace with top quality, durable materials
  • Re-bedding – Carefully remove existing cement from ridges, gambles or valleys and reset them with new material
  • Chimneys – Repair, re-build or completely and carefully remove the whole chimney brick by brick

Our Roof Cleaning Service

Moss, algae and other plant matter looks terrible and damages your roof causing leaks which leads to expensive roof replacement work. We provide a hands on roof cleaning service to clear all debris from your roof protecting it from water retention damage, extending it’s life and adding more value to your property. We take great satisfaction from completing a thorough roof clean, looks fantastic and we always get positive feedback from our customers. The cost and time it takes to complete a clean depends on a few things like; the size of the area, access around the property, the amount of debris, roof type.

We may need to use a pressure washer on low pressure settings for a more thorough clean but only if totally necessary. All gutters and downpipes will be checked for debris, blockages and the property perimeter will be swept clean before the job is completed.